Online Educational Resources
Mission Statement

"A trove of open, online educational resources for the world's educators and scholars for teaching and research in the field of anti-poverty, and to prepare the future generations of business managers, public officials, and civic leaders to contribute to the fight against endemic poverty, extreme hunger, and inequality around the globe."


Dr. Tay Keong Tan

Radford University

PRME Anti-Poverty Working Group

Origin of Anti-Poverty Toolkit

"In 2016, the Anti-Poverty Working Group of the PRME conducted a three-round Delphi Survey to prioritize work projects and methods for the next couple of years.  The number one project, as identified by working group members, was the open-access Anti-Poverty Toolkit. Members agreed that global educators, students, members of civil society organizations, and business leaders, any of whom wanted to teach and learn about poverty eradication, needed an easy-to-use resource that would contain multiple poverty-relevant resources all in one place."

Mr. Milenko Gudić and Dr. Al Rosenbloom, Co-Chairs of the PRME Anti-Poverty Working Group